NEXA Mortgage offers programs and pricing you and your clients will love. With processing, underwriting, and local appraisers that truly know our market. In addition, we have Aggressive Loan programs that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else at very aggressive rates.

Conforming Fixed

Options that allow for up to
3% down


Smaller down payments and expanded qualifying ratios.
We can lend down to a 500 FICO score on FHA.

Vacant Land

Options that allow for as little as 10% down

Jumbo Loans

Low rate options for  loan amounts up to $3 million

Home Ready & Home Possible

97% financing with reduced mortgage insurance for qualified borrowers.


Financing for the construction of a new home with as little as
5%* down.

Zero Down Payment Options

0% down payment option for the first-time and repeat home buyers.

Common Sense Portfolio Programs

Flexible programs and options for loans that don’t fit “in the box”.

Non Warrantable Condominium

Financing for newer condo projects that do not meet conventional guidelines.


Financing for qualified borrowers who have had a financial hardship such as a short sale or BK.

NON QM Loans

Rather than using cash for a down payment apply it towards a lower interest rate and shorter loan term.

Renovation Programs

Streamline renovation loans that allow for the purchase and rehab for a home.

Home Equity Loans

Closed-end 2nd mortgages and lines of credit available as stand alone products or in combination with a 1st mortgage and a combined CLTV of up to 95%.


Home financing for established professionals for as little as 3% down without monthly mortgage insurance.

Doctor Loans

Practicing Physicians may qualify for $0 down and no mortgage insurance.

Downpayment Assistant Programs

Options available to assist with down payment and closing costs for qualified borrowers.


The measure of cash flow available to pay current debt obligations.

Fix & Flip

The strategy of purchasing a property, renovating it, then selling it at a profit.

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a mortgage loan, usually secured by a residential property, that enables the borrower to access the unencumbered value of the property.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

It revolving the line of credit, much like a credit card except it is secured by your home

Hard Money

The currency that is made up of or directly backed by a valuable commodity such as gold or silver

Commercial Loans/Multi Family

Multifamily loans are commercial term loans for apartment buildings with five or more units.

Bridge Loans

bridge loan is short-term financing used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation.

Blanket/Portfolio Loans

This is a type of financing that funds the purchase of multiple real estate properties at the same time